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18th January 2011

Not So Sweet Coraline

Classic fairytale with all the schmaltz spat out Coraline is the latest stop-motion animated feature from director Henry Selick. The man behind A Nightmare Before Christmas. This time he's turned to a novel by noted fantasy author Neil Gaiman, and the re...

15th January 2010

Words Matter

Words Matter Despite the high volume of e-mail circulating all the time, there is often no substitute for talking with people. Information overload and the coping it necessitates itself makes in-person conversation more valuable. Indeed, in many organi...

29th September 2009

Test Your Good Communication Style

Communication is one of the most important qualities for success. To communicate is not simple. We think that to speak and to hear is communication. But it is much more than that. When you listen to somebody, ask yourself these questions - are you totally...

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