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15th March 2011

Art of Styling with Hair Sticks

Hair styling is an art and the better you master it, the brighter are your chances of improving your persona. It is interesting to find that every religion and culture nurtures its own sense of style. While westerners prefer open hair styles, women of the...

09th September 2010

BBQ Apron: Protecting Your Clothes From BBQ Stains

BBQ stains can be quite tough on your clothes. If you don't want to ruin your favorite t-shirt, you better wear a BBQ apron when cooking barbecue in your backyard. No, you do not need one of those expensive leather BBQ aprons to protect your clothes from ...

01st September 2010

Hair styles for autumn season

Autumn is coming and it is a nice season. We can enjoy mild sunshine and soft wind.For women, every new season we need new clothes,shoes and accessories to keep beautiful. No matter what are going to purchase for this coming autumn you shouldn't ignored y...

22nd March 2010

Latest Hairstyles Trends 2010 and Popular Celebrity Hairstyles

The famous bob hairstyle, that was very popular this year, is left longer, and got a new name: the "lob" hairstyle. It's been already on the red carpet, looking absolutely fabulous. Bangs are still in trend, preliminary from the long full bangs, an...

20th July 2009

Hair Straighteners - what should you know

Simply enjoying and focusing the fact that hair straighteners can straighten your unwanted curls or waves, you may face grave hair problems in the end. So, it is essential that you know the downside of hair straighteners as well. You should also know how ...

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