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25th May 2011

Facts about Climate Change

Climate change is a change in weather conditions where it may take place for hundreds of years; the basis of the change is measured with the average global temperature within a whole century. A variable of 1 centigrade is not much when you hear but in rea...

30th March 2011

Get The Best Compost Bins Under $100!

The beauty of a home vegetable garden is the ability to control what goes into the food supply for you and your family. Unlike a supermarket, where every consumer is at the mercy of the source and chemicals introduced to grow that food, a home garden prev...

02nd March 2011

Your questions about child sponsorship answered

Child sponsorship is one avenue through which those living in the Western world can make an impact in the impoverished and disadvantaged lives of children in developing countries. As a form of charity, however, child sponsorship has come under some critic...

25th June 2010

Science and Health Scientist Addresses Cancer Concerns Related to Atrazine

Elizabeth Whelan, President of the American Council on Science and Health (ACSH) posted a great entry on ACSH's Health Facts and Fears blog on the growing attempts by activist groups to convince the EPA to ban atrazine due to cancer claims and other healt...

30th December 2009

3 Day Cardiac Diet Plan - A Diet Plan That Works

The 3 Day Cardiac Diet was supposedly developed by the Birmingham Hospital in Alabama, though the hospital does not admit its role in the origin of the plan. The 3 day cardiac diet has also been attributed to the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio and the Mayo Cli...

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