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18th June 2012

The Finish Single-Mother Manual Colorado

The people regarding this kind of rocky point out include your large personal for each funds earnings positioned in $41,042. This marginally increases the issues for that single moms in the express as a consequence of high expenditures associated with dwe...

18th February 2011

Anger After A Disaster

Just as scenes of September 11 and the overwhelming 2011 floods in Australia were publicized world-wide on television, so were the mud slides in Brazil and the life shattering earthquake of Haiti, to be viewed live by millions. Anyone who has experienc...

15th February 2011

Where are we heading? What is our future? - Paul Chehade:.

(1888PressRelease) Our nation has been traditionally headed by two political groups, the Democrats and the Republicans. In light of this political failure, what will the future bring to the American people and coming generations? What are the expectations...

01st February 2010

Businesses - Recycle Cell Phones, Do The Right Thing, And Save A Few Bucks At The Same Time

During these tumultuous economic times, most businesses are concerned about their bottom line more than anything else. That is understandable since businesses are supposed to make a profit so they can do things like pay their employees, for instance. But ...

23rd October 2009

Physical and Mental Effects of Stress

Stress is a primitive response that people have to fear or danger. Fear triggers the "fight or flight" response, releasing chemicals into our body like cortisol and adrenaline. This was very important in the past, when some of our greatest causes of stres...

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