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15th March 2011

The All Portable Apple Notebook

It's no secret that technology is constantly getting smaller, especially during the past ten or twenty years where technology has seen an explosion of progress, moving at blazing speed, and this is maybe most clear in the advances seen with computer noteb...

23rd February 2011

High-end Laptop Reviews

If you possess the cash to spend, then it's a good idea to be sure you spend it in the proper place. When you are considering high end laptop computers, we're discussing laptop computers priced at in excess of one thousand dollars. At this time there ar...

17th February 2011

Which Has Financial Advantage in Tablet PC Market, IBM or Microsoft?

According to financial services firm Deloitte, businesses will buy more than 10 million tablets this year. It also predicts that a surge in business adoption will push overall tablet sales to more than 50 million worldwide, thereby challenging the percept...

28th October 2010

5 Major Trends Tablet PCs Gradually into the Mainstream

Tablet PC into our lives is perhaps the lazy year, subway, public transportation, meeting rooms and on the road, There are people out iPad a series of large touch-screen device to replace the phone, MP4 and Internet This leads into a new digital lifestyle...

16th September 2010

One friend has this dell CC154 battery, and he has so questions about the laptop battery. That s

One friend has this dell CC154 battery, and he has so many questions about the laptop battery. That strikes me to post this article. That is on batteries with different materials. At present, li -ion battery is the most prevailing one. They are not onl...

10th December 2009 reports To meet the demand of panel youda changes its strategy to a total yield in energy

Taiwan is a panel of bibcock with America, China mainland market strong LCD TV and notebook computers, the demand of panel next quarter when plan to cut during the off-season, but has now been in full in energy. DisplaySearch vice President XieQinYi think...

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