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02nd May 2012

Crisis Management Plans Start with Call Center Outsourcing

No matter what type of company you run, a crisis can always happen. A crisis, especially an unexpected one, has the power to devastate a business. Every company can suffer from a crisis situation if they are unprepared, so it is important for a company to...

17th October 2011

Les Telephone Satellitaire Portables

Les telephone satellitaire portables ou de terminaux portables sont utilisés pour les «communications en mouvement» , cet équipement peut être transporté facilement a l’intérieur d'une voiture, camion ou bateau, ainsi que dans des hélicoptères et d’autres...

03rd May 2011

What We Can And Must Learn From The Great Japanese Earthquake And Tsunami Of 2011.

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant This week nature in all its brutal savagery punished us, hitting our brothers in Japan with an earthquake of unparalleled strength and a tsunami that was the very definition of awe. Today the world is rightly focused on the neces...

06th March 2011

Chronicle of a Doomed Uprising: The Egyptian Revolution

In January 2011, the peoples of the Middle East began their march towards seizing a share in the leadership and resources of their countries, following centuries in which they were deprived of this share by various ruling oligarchies. This uprising, which...

15th February 2011

Emergency Message System: How Efficient It Is

The Emergency Message System is your friend in need. And this friend has a megaphone in hand to inform many other friends at the same time! Let me explain. During an emergency, be it a natural disaster like a hurricane or a man-made calamity like a buildi...

08th January 2010

Responding to Region-Specific Natural Disasters

Some emergencies are universal. Storms can create flooding and lightning damage in most areas of the country. Human error can cause fire and other crises. In other cases, there are natural disasters that are likely to be faced only in certain parts of the...

16th December 2009

Life on Pandora

You might have heard of the movie ‘Avatar' releasing in UAE. This movie is not only a science fiction, action- adventure, but also has a ton of emotions attached to it. In case you aren't familiar with the synopsis of this movie…here it goes: You wil...

23rd August 2009

118 800 To Connect UK To Mobile Numbers

In a first for the industry, anyone in the UK will now be able to connect directly to the people they want - when they want to - by accessing 118 800 either by phone or online at and connecting via the service's simple and easy to use interfa...

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