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26th September 2011

2012 Republican Presidential Candidates – Who Is Going to Win the Nomination

The 2012 Republican presidential candidates are gearing up for the Republican primaries in early 2012. It will not be too much longer before we all know who is going to oppose Barack Obama for the 2012 Presidential election. Many candidates have thrown ...

10th May 2011

The 2012 Elections and the ‘Twenty Million Factor’

John McCain was beat by approximately twenty million voters in the 2008 election. Are those voters going to vote for Barack Obama again? If they do, the hardest question of all to answer is: why? We now have a clear Obama track record and plenty of bac...

11th November 2010

GOP Tea Party Suck and Blow Reduce Deficit by Cutting Taxes

George H W Bush said “Read my lips, no new taxes.” When George H W Bush then raised taxes he was shown the door. This was a lesson not lost on his son George W Bush. George W Bush realized that cutting taxes was the road to political victory no matter wha...

17th September 2010

A letter from America - To the Muslims of the World

Yesterday we elected an American of African origin, Barak Obama, as America’s next President to hold indisputably the world’s most powerful office. While we voted him in we knew his middle name, Hussain, and his Muslim roots on his father’s side. This i...

01st September 2010

All There Is To Know About Barak Obama

Barak Hussein Obama, popularly known Barak Obama, has become one of the most famous personalities of the modern world. His feat is quite remarkable. After all, he has become the 44th president of the United States, which is nothing less than legend. He ha...

15th July 2010

Obama Courts Latino Votes at Arizona's Expense

With Arizonans cringing in fear even hundreds of miles from the border from the aftermath of brutally murdered ranchers and border police, we might expect any other President to spring into action. We would not expect 1200 National Guardsmen to come down ...

05th July 2010

McChrystal Out, Petraeus In - The Next Phase Begins

The replacement of General McChrystal as top commander in Afghanistan comes with most curious timing. Imagine the following said in a halting Texas accent: Make no mistake, we have a clear goal. We are going to break the Taliban's momentum. We are g...

06th April 2010

Presidential Information

The 2008 election is one of the most important elections in the recent past. The united states is in a scenario where one wrong political move might be ruinous. The economy is reminding lots of the conditions before The Great Depression. The high court...

19th March 2010

Kennedy Even Praised By Opponents

In the aftermath of the death of Senator Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts, everyone's attention in Boston has now been directed to the public wake, an outporing of sympathy and praise from across the state and the nation and from around the globe. Starting l...

03rd September 2009

The Presumptive Republican Nominee & That Other Guy

By a in Politics
I've noticed lately that the media has taken to calling John McCain the presumptive Republican presidential nominee. It's a strange sort of twist considering that a couple months ago they seemed so certain that McCain was the Republican presidential nomin...

02nd September 2009

Big Bailout, Shafting the Honest Folk

Were you paying attention? Did you hear them speaking? Did you listen to what they were saying? Perhaps you did, but I can say this, I don't believe they listened to you. In fact, they more or less proved they don't care about you one iota, unless you hap...

01st July 2009

Should Blacks Be Paid Reparations

During the recent presidential campaign a rumor was started and widely circulated that Barack Obama, if elected, would begin a process to pay reparations to Black descendents of former slaves. Such rhetoric betrays a serious lack of understanding of ho...

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