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17th August 2011

Mask Making For Kids

We all know how amazing technology is nowadays and it really is astounding how fast it's advanced in such as short space of time. But for all the wonders of technology, getting your child making and creating will teach them far more than the snazziest gad...

02nd June 2010

My Final Review of American Standard Toilets

American Standard is a household brand name for home remodelers that is renowned for its superior quality products. And if you are looking to replace your toilet, then I highly recommend an American Standard toilet. The products they offer transcend the s...

26th February 2010

5 Reasons why Phone Cards Haven't Died

With the introduction of new technologies into the market more and more people wonder why is it that these so-called outdated calling cards haven't yet died? Why is it that there is still a healthy demand for calling cards and white hands and voice over ...

13th August 2009

Mortgage Rates Have Gone Haywire

This marks the third week in a row that mortgage rates have moved in one direction or another by more than .4 points. This is highly unusual. For some perspective for the 12 weeks from March 20th to June 5 mortgage rates held steady between 5.85 and 6.0...

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