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09th December 2011

Tummy Tuck; The Decision Is Only Yours

There are many reasons why one might want to have a tummy tuck procedure done. A lot of people lose weight by diet and exercise, but are then left with excess skin that they cannot get rid of. This is where a tummy tuck comes into play. A tummy tuck helps...

07th September 2011

Tone your Abdomen and Pass the Challenge!

Most people easily get tired of exercising and even get starved of strict dieting. Having a healthy and beautiful body is somewhat difficult to achieve since it is very time consuming. People often want to lose weight and be physically fit to experience h...

07th September 2011

Get Rid of your Belly Fat, Have a Tummy Tuck!

After giving birth or extensive weight loss, many women find out that their abdominal muscles are weak and the skin in that area has become saggy. Also, stretch marks from giving birth have developed which gives them a feeling of discomfort and embarrassm...

11th July 2011

How Do Tummy Tucks Work and Are They Right for You?

This procedure removes excess fat and skin, and in most cases restores weakened or separated muscles to make a less protruding abdominal profile. The procedure is a strictly cosmetic one, and one should only consider undergoing it as a personal decision ...

14th June 2011

Of All the Cosmetic Surgeries Available, Is the Tummy Tuck the Right One for You?

Few people are very happy with the excessive skin that is found underneath the abdomen. Under most cases, we would like to see that part of our body trimmed off to have a resulting firmer stomach. One of many of modern medicine's benefits is that we can d...

09th May 2011

How To Lose Belly Fat - Hint, No Cardio, Situps, or Diet - Lose 4 inches belly fat in 26 days.

By yossi in Diet
eat more fruits and vegetables, drink more water, do situps, exercise more, and blah blah blah. What a joke! Want something new and exciting. and that's what I have for you. How to lose belly fat (in particular - losing four inches belly fat in 26 ...

08th April 2011

What are Gummy Bear Implants?

Gummy bear implants are a popular type of implant used for breast augmentation in Los Angeles cosmetic surgery. These implants are medically known as silicone cohesive gel breast implants. These implants are known for their high-strength silicone consiste...

07th March 2011

Body Piercing Infections

A Body Piercing in Ncr is exactly that a piercing or puncture made in your body by a needle. After that, a piece of jewelry is inserted into the puncture. The most popular pierced body parts seem to be the ears, the nostrils, and the belly button. The ...

08th October 2010

Planning to get body piercing done

Body piercing is really in vogue these days. Thanks to its increased popularity one can choose from a number of styles and as well as variations. In addition to the customary ear piercing; nose, tongue, eyebrow, lip, belly button are the most common body ...

08th December 2009

Introduction to Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) - Body Contouring Information

One of the toughest places to lose weight is the abdomen. That is because often the size of the abdomen after extensive weight loss or pregnancy is not weight at all, but rather a buildup of skin and tissues that results in a skin sack that does not easil...

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