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26th September 2011

The Importance Of Radio Jingles

There are a number of radio channels today. With the increase in the number of listeners the radio channels are doing their best to have the maximum number of listeners in their favour. A number of new techniques that can lead to customer satisfaction are...

30th March 2011

Everything You Ought To Know About Film Making In Vancouver

People who are interested in film making can join a course in Vancouver. There are various courses which they offer from Animation, visual effects, digital design, Film and TV acting, Film production, sound design, Make up etc. There are many famous dire...

21st March 2011

Know the best film and TV composers around

There is not a person in this world who does not like to watch film or watch TV once in a while. Many people are regular viewers of certain soaps and serials. But have you ever wondered as to how these film and TV composers worked? This indeed is a very c...

21st January 2011

How To Start Your Own Pet Photography Enterprise

A lot of folks are fond of animals. They spend time in parks and visiting the pet shop just to look at dogs playing catch with their owners. They go to the pet shop to purchase their own pet or maybe just cuddle with some fluffy animals. Others like pet p...

15th September 2010

5 Ways to Reduce your Video Production Company’s Carbon Footprint

According to the Green Screen Summary Report (April 2009) … “The total carbon footprint of London’s screen production industry is approximately 125,000 tonnes a year. This is roughly equivalent to the annual emissions from almost 24,0...

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