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10th June 2011

Using Artificial Nails

Artificial nails are used as a practical or decorative addition to natural nails - designed to make them more attractive, uniform and to save time. These nails are very popular with users and there are different types available including Press on nails, A...

28th February 2011

10 Hand care tips

By cris in Beauty
Many of us talk with our hands, and your hands have a lot to say about the state of your health. Your hands do so much that they really need some TLC, and it makes sense to take good care of them. Here are some tips to keep your hands looking young and be...

18th January 2011

Nail art--small investment to make your life more colorful

nail art needs to be called an art of beauty. It is really an art to combine the creative ideas, perfect designs and superb skills together, to unfold human's wonderful mind for a small piece of nail. Nowadays, nail design is a fashionable and ordinar...

14th January 2011

Nail Polish Lovers Take Good Care Of Your Nails!

Who among us doesn't feel better when we have a great set of nails to show off? Going to the salon and getting the nail work is the essential step to caring for your gorgeous nails. Let's be honest, a beautiful set of, long, natural healthy nails say a lo...

17th November 2010

The Best Choice For Beautiful Nails

It takes a long time to grow beautiful, glamourous fingernails. Our hands take a beating with weather, water and daily chores. It seems like just when your nails start to grow, one chips or breaks. Then another goes. Then another. You file them all d...

01st September 2010

Considerations When Choosing A Hair Salon

Itís almost a given that you want to look after your hair. When people look at you for the first time, your hair is the first thing people see. Your hair tells people you meet so much more about you and your nature than much of the rest of what you wear, ...

04th August 2010

Roni Deutch Explains the Tanning Tax

When President Obama signed the health care reform bill, it signaled the beginning of dozens of tax law changes. Some gradual tax increases are scheduled over the next few years, while others took affect immediately. To help those looking for more informa...

08th January 2010

Nail Art Is Cool!

For a long time I have been creating nail art, I do this for my friends and family and I have to tell you I love what I do. Nail art is very popular and people love to see cool nail designs, I have hundreds of nail designs, anything from flowers to car...

01st December 2009

Professional Beauty Supply And Using The Very Best

If you are the kind of woman that holds your appearance in high regard and enjoys doing a great deal of beautifying yourself, you should consider using a professional beauty supply store to purchase the very best in beauty supplies. Professional beauty...

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