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21st March 2012

5 Popular Hair Tips Exposed

The Internet is saturated with hair care advice. Do this, do that, don't do this, don't do that and the list goes on and on. How is a person to know what is true and what is simply hype or conjecture? Thankfully there are a few very popular hair tips whic...

14th March 2011

AccessReel Reviews - Wasted On The Young

Darren (Ackland) is the stepbrother of Zack (Russell) Together go to an elite co-ed secondary school. The stepbrothers have got very little in common. Darren is an innovative computer geek who seems to be pretty socially inept. Zack is surely an A-type pe...

22nd November 2010

Art Sales: Contemporary Artwork

It's truly a wonderful thing considering just how much we gain from our appreciation of art, what volumes it speaks about our culture, and among cultures comprise the world besides our own. It is highly fashionable to know something of what art is, how it...

28th April 2010

Missed periods and infertility

One of the most frustrating things an infertile woman can experience is having a late period and a negative pregnancy test! It does not matter if you are trying-to-conceive or if you're trying-not-to-conceive, a late period and recurring negative pregn...

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