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03rd January 2012

hat if your Congolese presidential candidate doesn't win the election?

"It's natural, tonight, to feel some disappointment. But tomorrow, we must move beyond it and work together to get our country moving again." These are words we often hear from losing candidates in the US elections, after the results have been publicized....

12th August 2011

Painters Brisbane Hire Professionals

Good painters in Brisbane are hard to find there are painters who are experts in all types of painting. These include new home painting Brisbane, restoration painting Brisbane, house painters Brisbane and commercial painters Brisbane. When deciding on th...

28th April 2010

Celebrate Med-medan Festival Sesetan - Denpasar Bali

On eastern culture, kissing in public is a taboo, but not in Banjar Kaja Sesetan, Southern part of Denpasar. There is a kissing festival called med-medan. It is held once a year, one day after Nyepi. Bali Packages Tour and Travel on ...

03rd September 2009

UFC 2009 Undisputed Game - A bloody Fight

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship, a world of mixed-martial arts is an explosive fighting game that brings the action, intensity and attitude of the Ultimate Fighting Championship to the console. These fighting games are a great lure for the people who...

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