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13th April 2011

Motorola Atrix 4G Is Incomplete With no Dock

The colours of the display are vibrant and its touch functionality is responsive and precise. The extra display location signifies more space for the onscreen keyboard and examining Kindle guides is a much better encounter on this smartphone model mainly ...

01st March 2011

Apple has occupied close to 60% of the global touch panel capacity causing tight supply

To have it really is central aim associated with shipment Forty five million iPad merchandise in 2011, Apple inc possesses active all-around 60% of the worldwide hint solar panel capacity producing small present among the Apple's challengers, as outlined ...

19th January 2011

Motorola Olympus The World's Most Powerful Phone Unveiled in the New Year

If one is to go by the manner in which the new year 2011 has begun, it is bound to prove to be a tremendous year for the mobile phones industry. What with one powerful smartphone coming after the other. Motorola also is not wanting to be left behind in th...

17th November 2010

Electric Lawn Mowers - Pros and Cons

Electric lawn mowers seem to have everyone interested, yet not every one is convinced they are a great choice. We have decided to put together a list of the electric lawn mowers pros and cons to help you in determining if an electric mower is for you. ...

08th January 2010

The Strengths and Weaknesses of the Fellowes Powershred C-420 Paper Shredder

Every medium-sized office can use a good paper shredder these days and it is never been easier to find one. One of the best is the Fellowes PowerShred C-420, a device with an excellent shredding capacity and continuous duty motor that makes it ideal for u...

08th January 2010

Fellowes Powershred C-380C Cross Cut Paper Shredder Review

The Fellowes Powershred C-380C is designed for use in a large and busy office setting and offers a motor that is rated for continuous use. Here is a closer look at a few of the strengths and weaknesses of the Powershred C-380C. Strengths: These ...

09th December 2009

Dahle 20831 EC Level 5 Departmental Cross-Cut Paper Shredder

The Dahle 20831 is a Level 5 security office shredder that is designed to be placed in a common area in a busy office. We recently took a closer look at this machine, and in the following report, list some of the Dahle 20831 EC's strengths and weaknesses ...

09th December 2009

Dahle 20800 EC Department Paper Shredder Review

The Dahle 20800 EC is a strip cut paper shredder designed for heavy use in a busy office, copy room, or communications center environment. In the following report, we take a closer look at the strengths and weaknesses of the 20800 EC. Strengths: ...

27th November 2009

Everything You Should Know About Electric Cooling Fans of Motor Vehicles

An electric cooling fan of a motor vehicle is made up of (1) the fan motor and (2) the circuit. The circuit consists of the fan switch and the relay. The function of the switch is to send power to the relay and to sense the internal temperature of the eng...

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