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24th October 2011

Where to take cooking classes in Los Angeles

The Epicurean School of Culinary Arts has been identified all the way through the United States as the to begin with college in Los Angeles to offer a thorough system that focuses much on French cooking techniques that are equally in depth in scope and ab...

05th October 2011

Kidís home work is important for kidís future

Many of us can relate to our childís lack of enthusiasm to do their homework. Still, as parents we know that by completing their homework and turning it in on time, students improve academically and learn important lessons about discipline, responsibility...

01st October 2010

Personal Tax Exemption

Every person who files a tax return is entitled to one personal tax exemption. The exemption should reduce a personís tax burden and help them qualify for a tax refund. The only time you can claim a personal tax exemption is if a person claims you as a...

14th December 2009

Success stories about QuantumTouch the powerful Healing modality

Scoliosis of 40 years healed in one session. I was invited to run a Quantum-Touch workshop in Shanghai. A lady flew in from Tokyo to join the class. On the first day of the workshop during the first practice session, I asked for students to be the the...

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