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17th November 2014

Seven Questions to Help You Review Your Current Life Insurance Policy

You probably don’t need to re-examine your life insurance policy every year, but like almost everything else in your financial portfolio, you should review any insurance policy you own at least every few years. You should also review your life insurance e...

29th July 2011

Divorce Documents – Bringing Marriage To An End

Marriage is a great thing, and the joining of two people in holy matrimony brings families and friends together in joy and celebration. Despite this not all couples are “happy ever after” and a surprising proportion of them still end abruptly in divorce. ...

23rd June 2011

Tax Refunds Time Limits to Declare Refunds

A taxpayer gets eligible for tax refunds when the quantity of taxes compensated is much more than the tax liability. Tax refunds are also identified as tax rebates. There may be a number of good reasons for declaring tax refunds. This could include the ne...

28th February 2011

Last Will and Testament  Your Responsibility for the Future

When will you pass away? Whether fortunately or unfortunately, none of us really knows for sure and this is the argument for creating a last Will and testament to handle your affairs after death. We all know this, of course, yet as life rolls along so man...

27th January 2011

Earn and Save to Survive the Recession

There are things that you cannot tell or control to happen. One good example is economic recession. during economic recession, the nation's economy is continually decreasing for the last two quarters as measured by Gross Domestic Product (GDP), employment...

14th October 2010

What to Look for in a Funeral Plan

Choose a funeral plan that best suits your particular needs and budget. Planning ahead for unexpected events such as an untimely death may seem like a morbid undertaking, but it is a necessary precaution, especially for those with dependants. Protect y...

26th August 2010

What Happens to your 401k when you are Divorced?

Throughout your working years, you have built up a huge nest egg of retirement savings, probably a joint account with your spouse. However, what happens to this 401k plan if you go through a divorce? If you undergo a divorce, your spouse and any dependent...

18th May 2010


Do i have to file return? You must file a federal income tax return if you are a citizen or resident of the United States or a resident of Puerto Rico and you meet the filing requirements for any of the following categories that apply to you. The filing...

15th April 2010

Dealing with the fear of Tax Preparation: Tips for the ill-prepared

Tax day shouldn't be a day of burden and dread. In fact, with the proper tax preparation, April 15th can be a day for fulfillment and success. There are certain steps you have to take to make sure you're tax-prepared and to ensure, your staff, and your ...

23rd March 2010

Common Mistakes during Taxations

By Arun in Taxes
When you file your income tax replace, there is a regular predetermined of mistakes which you are necessarily towards make. They pricing you moment, stress, and of course money! It is the experiences of IRS that civilians earn the equivalent mistakes aga...

07th January 2010


The ITIN or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number is given to people who are required to pay taxes in the United States but are not eligible for the Social Security number. It is issued by the Internal Revenue Service or IRS and is required for tax pr...

23rd November 2009

Organize Your Income Tax Records neatly

Before even beginning to organize your tax records, be aware that the Internal Revenue Service recommends hanging on to them for three to seven years, depending on your personal situation. There are some records you might want to keep longer like records...

15th October 2009

The Benefits of Tax Preparation Software Programs

The moment the month of April begins to come closer, thousands of Americans start to fret around and panic. It is tax season once again, and it is one season that no American looks forward to. Unless you can afford to have your own personal accountant tha...

23rd June 2009

Why Do You End Up Paying the AMT?

By kinal in Taxes
The Alternative Minimum Tax is a parallel tax system that is an integral part of our Federal income tax system. It expands the amount of income that is taxed by adding items that otherwise are tax-free under the regular tax, and by disallowing many deduct...

15th June 2009

Top 10 Signs Your Life Is Too Similar To David Letterman's

Top 10 Signs Your Life Is Too Similar To David Letterman's 10 - Your wife says she's never loved anyone like she loves you. For less than $600. 9 - You get home from work and find your wife in bed with another talk show host, and she claims he w...

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