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20th April 2010

HTC Desire – A handset par excellence

The Desire is really a desirable smart phone that comes with a wide range of desirable features and technologies. A phone book feature allows you to store contacts thus enables you to access, delete, edit and add contacts as per your will. The SMS facilit...

16th April 2010

Samsung Mobile Phones

In the present era, mobile phone is not just a device for communication but a lot more. The mobile phone has become the basic requirement of almost each and every individual. Today, every individual desires to keep a branded mobile phone. The market is fl...

12th June 2009

LG KM 900 Arena – fantastic music phone

The LG KM 900 Arena is the best phone if you love listening to music. It has all the features that you would need for a great music phone. This handset could provide its users with up to thirty hours of music play back time, and it also has Dolby Mobile...

12th June 2009

LG KM 900 Arena -- Great for every day use

The LG KM 900 Arena is a beautifully designed mobile phone with touch screen capabilities. The main feature of this handset is the huge three inch TFT touch screen with user interface feature. The screen has a display resolution of four hundred and eig...

11th June 2009

LG GD 900 – A very stylish phone

The LG GD 900 is a uniquely designed handset that comes with a transparent slide out touch sensitive key pad. Here are the features of this handset that make it a very popular and requested handset. This handset measures one hundred and five millimetr...

11th June 2009

LG GD910 – An amazing wristwatch handset

The LG GD910 is a very stylish phone that users could wear at anytime and anywhere. It is a watch-like mobile phone that can be worn even underwater because it is water resistant. Here are the other features of this handset: The main feature of thi...

11th June 2009

LG GC VIEWTY II - An alluring recommendation for a Phonetastic lifestyle

The LG GC900 VIEWTY II is a 3G phone suited for a splendid lifestyle. It has captivated a lot of curious phone lovers worldwide because of its trendy design with a glossy and innovative coloured casing. The LG GC900 VIEWTY II made an appeal because of its...

11th June 2009

Blackberry 9000- Great Design!

This smart phone is the result of pure innovation and engraves a graceful design without compromising functionality or features that one might expect from such a great gadget. This cool and unique design really expresses style and aids to simplify the lif...

01st April 2009

Blackberry 8220 Pearl- The Ideal Handset!

Cell phones, mobile phones or wireless phones. This is a gadget that most people could never live without. A cell phone is what one must have as soon as we stepped out of home. Continuous research and development are being done to innovate mobile produc...

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