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16th March 2011

A Barnes & Noble Nook Review

The Barnes & Noble Nook was introduced in late 2009 and back then, it didn't get a lot of positive feedback, with most Nook reviews citing issues with the device's overall performance. Heeding these calls, B & N then hastened to make upgrades to its hardw...

31st December 2010

The Ebook Reader Review (Electronic Ebook Readers)

By now you have probably heard a little about eBook readers and for some of you these may be an elusive technical product that makes you shiver with sadness. I say that because with the advent of eBook readers you will see the slow demise of the book as w...

29th October 2009

Considering buying a Kindle 2? This Kindle 2 review will help you.

If you're considering buying a Kindle 2 this Kindle 2 review will help you decide if its the reader for you. Kindle Review - The Crux The Kindle 2 is great if you - 1. Read a lot of books OR 2. Travel a lot and want to carry a Kindle 2 reader a...

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