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08th June 2011

Why are so many firms using on hold marketing these days?

On hold marketing is amongst those solutions that can boost your current daily sales amazingly. On hold marketing is actually a quick message that your clients listen to as soon as they will be kept on hold by your end for some serious crucial job at h...

04th April 2011

Top Benefits of Event Marketing Software for Event Management Companies

Are you planning to organize some events to give your company a boost? Then, you should first check whether you are well-prepared to face your competitors. While having a strong human resource is necessary, you should also adopt appropriate technology to ...

12th November 2010

The Sunshine Industry of the Philippines

There are many successful industries in the Philippines today. And one of those is the call center industry. However, there is something special about the call center industry of the Philippines other than being recognized as one of the most successful ca...

13th September 2010

Call Center Outsourcing for the Health Care Sector

Basically, call center outsourcing provides quite a number of organizational advantages for the health care sector. A good call center outsourcing can provide health care organizations the time to focus their attention on the more important aspect of prov...

30th July 2010

Air Conditioning London Enhances the Working Environment for the Employees

Due to global warming, the temperature of Earth's surface is increasing continuously that in turn makes the entire environment hot. Sometimes, as observed, it becomes really very difficult to resist such hot and humid climate. Air conditioning facilities ...

03rd June 2010

New Recruitment Process Of Call Center Agencies In The Philippines

The call center industry is considered as one of the largest and fastest-growing industry in the Philippines. Though the industry was first introduced plainly as a response and managing services, it industry rapidly grew to include a number of new service...

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