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18th May 2011

Short Hair Styles For Men and Women

Short hair can be very attractive, cozy and sexy. The attractiveness of short hairstyles is increasing again. During the past months many ladies have been growing their hair out since trend was going more towards longer hairstyles. Short hair styles means...

06th April 2011

Visit Top Hair Salons in NYC to Obtain the Most Natural Hair Care Services

Every one desires to have a unique hair style and attractive hair color which compliments a person's personality. Giving right hair cut, hair style and hair color to any person is an art and no one other than trained artist can perform this art in the bes...

09th February 2011

The Power of Mascara - How to Apply Mascara

Your eyes look more attractive when you apply mascara on eye lashes. Here in this article you can learn more about the power of mascara. Mascara look great on those have long eye lashes. It creates a dramatic appearance. To better makeup with mascara ...

29th June 2010

The mini ghd hair straightener - A Review

The latest innovation that comes to us from ghd hair straightener is the new mini mk4 hair straightener. Perfect for people with shorter hair styles, made for a man or women. The mini iv hair straightener works perfect on all hair types, helping you to ac...

18th December 2009

Having A Computer Software For Hairstyles

Go to a professional hair stylist and chances are - for a fee - you can get them to input your image to their fancy computer, and show you just how you'd look if your hair was cut and styled in a variety of different ways. The professionals pay big money ...

10th December 2009

Finding The Right Hair Styles For Girls

Your daughter or the significant little girl in your life, the same one who used to dump strained peas on her head and drop toys in the toilet, is growing up, and, believe it or not, will soon be choosing her own haircuts and picking out her own outfits, ...

27th March 2009

Short hair styles and hair straighteners

Short hair styles similar to the ones that men usually wear, are preferred by most as it is very easy to take care. If your hair is straight then there is no problem of wind messing it up or when you wash your. Applying hair gel not necessarily becomes es...

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