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05th May 2011

An Additional Step to Consider Before Investing in Real Estate in Your IRA

I recently shared two key steps to do before investing in real estate in your IRA. Step #1: Understand the Special Tax Treatment Rules for IRAs Only certain types of income receive special tax treatment. Step #2: Understand the Type of Income Yo...

08th February 2011

Dr. Tohme Tohme - Michael Jackson’s Close Friend and Manager

Dr. Tohme Tohme is a financial expert who was Michael Jackson's close ally and manager during the last year and a half of the King of Pop's life. Dr.Tohme Tohme came to Michael Jackson's aid at a critical time. By the spring of 2008, Jackson's mounting f...

25th September 2009

Gilbert Arizona Real Estate School

Gilbert Arizona real estate school can educate many on the basics of real estate in Arizona. Arizona is known to produce more real estate salespeople than any other state. The Gilbert real estate schools will inform all students what is expected of th...

23rd September 2009

Minneapolis is the easternmost city of the West!

Minneapolis is the easternmost city of the West! Those folks living in the Minneapolis area know they are very fortunate. This area is a unique blend of art, music, dining, and shopping. Residents enjoy beautiful lakes, preserves and bike trails. Busi...

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