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09th October 2012


The initial step of the road to wellness is to grant your body a break from everything toxic; this includes processed foods, food addictive's, stimulants, stress, negative folks, radiated foods, chemicals and other environmental toxins. The next step is ...

16th March 2011

What is Laser Liposuction? Advantages and Disadvantages

Laser liposuction is perhaps a new technology in fat reduction that until recently had not been approved by the FDA as a method for removing fat in specific body areas. It seems that many people no longer see the need to comply with the option of traditio...

24th January 2011

How Body Wrapping Can Reduce Your Weight

You might be wondering how California girls maintain their beautiful and slender body. Well, the secret is body wraps. Many women today have found out a better and safer way to lose weight and flaunt that sexy body shape they have. Body wrap is an emer...

05th January 2011

Detoxify Your Body With Home And Herbal Remedies

Herbal remedies have a way of keeping your body clean. Because of what we are eating and ingesting, our body is riddled with toxins. These toxins make our skin look dry and grey. They also impair our core systemic functions. Detoxifying your system sh...

09th June 2010

Keeping Moisture In and Toxins Out with Body Wraps

The mud wrap or body wrap is not a recent dermatological discovery. In fact, body wraps have been around for centuries, dating back to the early Egyptians, who used body wraps to sculpt and contour their bodies and promote healthy blood circulation. Today...

04th August 2009

A Good Way to Relax is with Aromatherapy Massage Oils

There are many ways and locations to use aromatherapy massage oils. * The bath tub is a common place for a good place to relax. Add several drops of aromatherapy massage oils and soak for at least 20 minutes. * Massage with aromatherapy massage oils...

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