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04th March 2011

We need a Green Budget: Business leaders urge Osborne

With David Cameronís announcement today that he wants to see all public services run by volunteers and private companies, it is becoming abundantly clear that we have here the most ideologically driven government of recent times. But why we ask Ė canít th...

01st September 2010

the twilight Zone World Of Joe Biden

The Vice President has always been good for a quote, or in many cases, a misquote, when it comes to explaining the reality of our world. However, many times you wonder if he and the rest of us are living in the same world and reality or we are stuck in so...

18th August 2009

India signs Asean FTA !

Yesterday the Indo- Asean FTA was signed. Let us see how bilateral trade will fare ! It is bound to shoot up. We feel that Kerala's fears will be unfounded, as India gets access to ASEAN markets. India is leading in IT, BT, NT and other services. In...

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