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07th February 2011

Teenagers and Exposure to Their Special Needs Peers

Recently, Iíve begun working for an autism treatment provider, but Iím no stranger to autism. As an adolescent in Chicago, I attended a high school that offered special education classes and I volunteered on weekends for a local organization dedicated to...

27th May 2010

A special occasion Bachelor parties for young generation

Bachelor party is one of the American traditions that has stood the test of time, and you can do fun crafts to celebrate this event. Really, a party like this is to celebrate the fact that your male friend is getting married. A valentine's day party is an...

22nd February 2010

Crime Programs Surrogated by Medical Themed Shows

Oftentimes we spent our Wednesday nights watching the 3 CSI franchise or indulge our Saturday nights with Prison Break or 24. In fact, we often compare Horacio Cane to other CSI heads and we almost seem to notice H's signature movement and his very clever...

15th December 2009

Mom's perspective

Of course we don't want our teenagers to "do it," but when puberty hits, it's on. The train is on the track. Hormones start raging and there is no stopping them. Crush number one begins with a shy smile on the way to their locker. Crush two hits with a wh...

11th June 2009

Celebrity Gossip in May 2009

Celebrities are always the centre of attention and there has been some very hot Celebrity Gossip in April, the most popular topics were Britains got Talent and Susan Boyle, The Katie Price and Peter Andre Split, Rhianna explicit photos and Michael Jackson...

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