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13th August 2012

Choosing the Right Pond Pump

Pond Pumps For The Koi Pond The pond pump is the life blood of any koi pond or koi water garden. Whether building a new pond or replacing an existing pump, there are many choices when it comes to buying a pump. There are also many things to consider wh...

23rd August 2010

How to Reduce Disease Bacteria in Lakes and Ponds

Even lake and pond water that looks clear and clean may harbor disease-carrying bacteria. There are millions of types of bacteria but only a few of these are harmful to humans. Harmful bacteria from animal feces or human sewage can wash into watersheds a...

26th May 2010

How to Prevent and Control Algae

Algae are the most irritating organisms that accumulate in ponds, lakes, reservoirs, water tanks, and any bodies of water. Although the small population of algae is not harmless, there's always a tendency that they may create large blooms that can affect ...

23rd October 2009

Unwind with a Beautiful Water Fountain

There is hardly anything that I could think of doing that is better than relaxing in the garden with your favorite beverage while enjoying the sight and sound of water trickling in your very own pond or water fountain. I have spent many late afternoons s...

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