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08th February 2011

Learning Vision Skills in Preschool Helps a Little one’s Learning for Life

Learning vision skills is an important part of a kid's growth in the preschool years. Learning vision skills lays the groundwork for future tutorial achievement, because these are the constructing blocks upon which a toddler's studying, writing and spell...

06th January 2011

Why Play is Valuable for a Child in Early Childhood Education

The Oxford dictionary describes play as: to fulfill, to occupy oneself, to have the ability to perform, to undertake or exercise activities for pleasure. Not any particular child, but every child in any nation, environment or circumstance needs play. ...

25th January 2010

Registering Your Child for Kindergarten

While registration is free there are some costs associated with kindergarten registration. Your child will need a current physical (often documented on the state's medical exam form) and will need to be current on all vaccinations. Your child will also ne...

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