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03rd March 2011

General Tips on Microphones

Did you realize that you don't have to go all the way to a fancy studio to do some recording of your material? Strides in audio technology have made it easy for any eager musician to access some of what's necessary for building a recording studio in your ...

28th July 2010

Wall Air Conditioning Units For Cooler Times

Wall air conditioning units for cooling businesses and homes are becoming more popular than there competition the window cooling units. One of the reasons is because a lot of the businesses don't have the proper size windows available to them and some don...

27th November 2009

Summit Built-in Undercounter Refrigerators

Among the large inventory of refrigeration appliances available, Summit built-in undercounter refrigerators are in great demand today in medical facilities. They are meant for safe storage of medical specimens, reagents or samples under optimal cooling co...

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