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14th March 2011

Practical skills for Frugal Living

Your Most Valuable and Portable Asset is Your Skill Set. Or, Have You Been Deskilled? “Who has a trade may go anywhere” ~Spanish Proverb Are you as skilled as your Grandparents? How do you define skills? What skills are practical skills and thus imp...

05th August 2010

Get successful with 70-290 certification exams!

One of the biggest problems that people around the globe faced during the industrial revolution is the lack of standardization. Each and every manufacturer would have his own products and the products are manufactured according to his standards and this r...

21st July 2010


By browsing the internet you will notice the mounting PS3 disc not ejecting problems being aired by the consumers. With the number of customers complaining, you cannot help but wonder if this is a flaw in design or that the problem arises from the assembl...

05th January 2010 Reports Chinese shoemakers eyeing ASEAN to avoid anti-dumping impacts

With China-ASEAN FTA coming into full force on January 1, 2010, 7,000 trading items covered by the agreements on the trade of goods and services will be tariff-free, giving Chinese shoemakers, who are facing EU's high anti-dumping duties, a chance to ease...

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