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04th January 2011

Kuwaiti Customs

Kuwaiti culture and customs have become less rigid and more like Western cultures over the years. However, the culture is still generally traditional. Some Kuwaitis expect visitors to behave to their customs while others accept that they may not understa...

30th June 2010

Celebration Comes Again in your Door – Enjoy Valentines, Easter Day

There isn't a man who doesn't love a good stag night. It just doesn't get better than going out with all of your mates on the 'stag's' last night of freedom just before he is due to get married. Being his last weekend of freedom, the perfect location for ...

06th April 2010

The Greatest Feast Day in the Christian Calendar

One of the most popular festivals of Christians, Easter commemorates the rebirth of Jesus after his Crucifixion. The Easter day, applies not only to the western calendar, but also to the Eastern traditional church. easter day 2010 is going to be celebrate...

24th March 2010

Easter - Traditional Customs and Calendar

In this very special year month of April, the entire world appears in full swing of the varied activities of Easter 2010. The holy Sunday on this April 4 year 2010 is on its way to wave down plentiful joy for you to lap it up. Now as the awaited date of t...

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