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06th July 2011

Finance News of J&K: Stigma on Nation

As Indians and as world citizens, both ways, we know Jammu and Kashmir. This topmost state of Indian subcontinent is synonymous to heavenly beauty before it was raided by vandalism induced by Pakistan. Whenever the name of the state is highlighted we take...

20th June 2011

Remain Connected With the World Get The Latest News Online

To hear news from a person is not the same as the ones that a person may read it in the newspaper or hear it on a news channel. But what good it would be if the person could himself choose which news to watch or which news video to see wouldn’t that be a ...

26th May 2011

Optimism Making Better International Hindi News

Business is a matter of world concern. We do business and we make money. This money is used to feed nation and system for productivity to earn more of it. The cycle hence goes on and on. As Indian citizens we like to get Business news in Hindi. Business w...

16th May 2011

Demand or Interest

We youngsters love latest. Latest songs heard. Latest movies reviewed. Latest fashion adopted. Latest news appeared (whether aired, broadcasted or published!). They become our world. Well everybody wants that but it is different with youngsters. We are cr...

03rd May 2011

Proper Source for India News

India is well-known in the world for its unity in diversity. The people of many religions and languages live together in this country. In every state in India media is very active to deliver the news on every happening that are going on the states and cou...

06th October 2010

Everything you ought to know when choosing cricket bat

Some important points to remember when choosing a cricket bat: First, you should have some knowledge about size of cricket bat. The length of the bat should not be longer than 38 inches. The blade and the handle are the two parts of the bat that you s...

20th January 2010

Numerous mobile phones dead in the valley

Few days after the ban on pre-paid connections in Jammu and Kashmir, around 38 lakh mobile connections are virtually dead after the recharge facilities were put on hold by the telecom operators. The pre-paid connections were getting snapped with the expir...

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