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03rd May 2011

The Beauty of Reviews: Good and Bad

I was taught, way back when I was in sales, to ask for a report card from clients ESPECIALLY when you think itís going to be a bad one. This gives you a chance to address the issues with the client, let them know you are listening and concerned, and turn ...

11th April 2011

Portrait Artists

It takes some one really special to draw or paint portraits. These people are called portrait artists. Portrait artists have the ability to capture the true essence of a person and their unique flaws and characteristics that makes them who they are. True...

20th July 2009

Broadway Show Reviews

A popular magazine once ran a survey about its reader's worst fears. Death came in number six. Surprised? Not really. What was number one? The thing most people were afraid of was getting up on stage, also called stage fright. Surprised? Yes! Ima...

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