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06th March 2011

The benefits of choosing a medical spa include a more relaxing environment

Many non-invasive or minimally invasive cosmetic surgery procedures are now being performed at medical spas rather than a plastic surgeon's office. These spas are overseen by a board-certified plastic surgeon and have a highly qualified and well-trained s...

28th February 2011

Chemical peels are a cosmetic treatment used to improve and smooth the texture of facial skin

Chemical peels have been a popular cosmetic technique that has been tested by time. Millions of Americans get yearly chemical peels in order to rejuvenate the look of their skin and reduce tell tale signs of aging. Women used to have to endure the cold an...

17th November 2010

When To Use Electrolysis For Hair Removal

There are so many modern methods available for removing unwanted hair, that it becomes difficult to determine which application might be best for you. Electrolysis has been around for quite a while, and has proven itself extremely reliable when it com...

19th July 2010

IQair healthpro air purifier review

IQair healthpro air purifier cutting edge technology and user friendly interface puts its user in total control . IQair lets you choose speed settings allowing you to find a perfect balance and sound for cleaning. The automatic timer allows the air pro to...

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