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07th June 2011

Wifi radio and internet radio player

The communication form one device to other device needs to establish a connection between the nodes of the devices. In the o case f networks there uses the connection of many devices. The wireless technology is the most prominent one among the new evolve...

19th April 2011

Best Phone For Small Business Owners Who Need To Multitask

Need a phone that can multitask almost as much as you? The type of business you do and the amount of calls you have to handle will determine what kind of phone is needed. Office telephone systems are not cheap and when you purchase a system you want to g...

04th April 2011

Walkie Talkies in Universities

Young people of all ages are sent for their training to colleges and consequently they invest a great deal of time within the school campus. The security and protection of these children need to hence be the greatest priority for the establishments, which...

09th February 2011

Recycle your used cell phone for a trash free environment!

Technically advanced cell phones today are literally capable of not only receiving and placing phone calls, but storing info, taking photos, and can also be used as walkie talkies, to name only one or two of the available options. The significance of thes...

12th October 2010

Send, Message, Send: The SMS and its role in Mobile Communication

Since Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1872, it has been widely used by people for calling. The invention of the radio by Guglielmo Marconi, known as wireless telegraphy, has paved the way for birth of mobile communication, which used handh...

22nd December 2009

On Site Communications | licensed radios in UK, Unlicensed radios in UK, Supply and Installation

On Site Communication- Offers information , supply & service of all kinds of radios such as licensed radios(UHF-VHF) , unlicensed radios(Digital).A wide range of products from the top producers such as Motorola, Icom, Kenwood, Lowe are available at ver...

23rd July 2009

Walkie Talkies -- Better Than Ever

Can you recall the walkie talkies that you would spend hours with as a kid? Walkie talkies were ideal for outdoor adventures with your friends, whether you were playing hide and seek or just using the radios for fun. You may be surprised to find out that,...

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