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15th April 2011

Lazy Raw Foodist

For a "natural" diet, it sure seems complicated! Can someone really thrive as a Lazy Raw Foodist? Sure, you can eat mono-meals—mangos for lunch, melon for dinner—but what if you’re lazy AND you love “real foods”? What if you like decadent raw desserts l...

31st March 2011

Mayweather set to fight Pacquiao…in court

Unbeaten U.S. boxer Floyd Mayweather will fight Filipino star Manny Pacquiao after all, although it will be a legal dispute after a federal judge denied a motion to dismiss the case on Monday. Pacquiao filed a defamation lawsuit against Mayweather, amo...

21st February 2011

Stretch Mark Remedies A Trip into Stretch Marks

The main cause of stretch marks is the defectiveness brought about by damaged fibers in the dermis of the skin that cause the skin to overstretch causing "scars".These fibers are very difficult to repair when they get damaged. Rapid weight gain and los...

11th February 2011

Why you should choose a private fertility clinic

When fertility problems occur your General Practitioner will usually refer you to a fertility clinic for further tests and examination. If you decide to attend a clinic through the National Health Service you may be waiting for a long time. When you are l...

22nd November 2010

Lake City Weight Loss Clinic

True Rejuvenation is a leading fat reduction clinic in the Lake City, Florida area. The company specializes in helping those who have tried weight loss plans in the past yet have not succeeded. True Rejuvenation's unique approach to dropping fat is by com...

06th August 2010

Infertility Testing Plays an Important Role

Fertility testing is a valuable method to uncover if there is anything that demands attention. Infertility is termed as the incapability to become pregnant after six-months of unprotected sex. For women greater than age of thirty-five, infertility coul...

28th July 2010

Several Holistic Pimple Cures People Might Do

By Lori in Beauty
An individual could head to the grocery store to buy non-prescription items for pimples. This particular notion sounds easy. Nonetheless, there are complications as well as reactions for considering. In case a person's blemishes are minor then one must th...

23rd February 2010

How Do I Get Pregnant When I'm Over 40?

If you or your doctor believe that you are having fertility problems, there are still options for you to get pregnant. Even if you are over the age of 35 or even 40, you still can get pregnant. However, you must first determine whether or not you are in f...

18th February 2010

In Vitro Fertilisation - Summary Of Frug Regimes - Part II

Drug regime model III This drug regime also lasts for one cycle only and involves a shorter course of LHRH agonist. It may be used for women for whom the more conventional regimes have not been so effective. LHRH agonist Start on day one of the cycle...

18th February 2010

Pregnancy – In Vitro Fertilisation - Scans And Blood Tests – Part III

If the pattern of your blood tests and scans seems to indicate that there are not enough eggs, or they are not mature, then your drug dosage may be increased, or you may have to continue with the injections for longer. Most clinics have criteria for proce...

18th February 2010

Pregnancy – In Vitro Fertilisation - Scans And Blood Tests – Part I

If the blood tests and scan are satisfactory, you start on the next stage, the hMG injections, which needs very careful monitoring. The following set of blood tests and scans usually comes on about the ninth day of the injections. The blood tests measure ...

06th June 2009

Are You At Risk Of Bowl Cancer…?

Do you get stomach pains, feel tired, urgently have to use the toilet after eating? Do you suffer from nausea, mouth ulcers, diarrhea, bloating, wind, or constipation? Do you have headaches, depression, bone and joint pain, weight loss, or anemia? ...

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