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13th May 2011

From Scribbles to Masterpieces

Such is the path from that every artist must embark on before they can ever truly be considered artists. The earliest works of any artist when first starting to explore their creative talent can never be as strong or vivid as their truly professional work...

18th January 2011

Sketching Drawing What Determines Perspective?

Perspective in Art is a subject that has been studied, written about, and debated since it was first codified. Although you could study the theoretical aspects of perspective it really isnt necessary for successful drawing (Phew, thats a relief!). Howev...

26th November 2010

Great Videos Means Finding Great Production Service Providers

Whenever anyone needs to put up a short movie on the internet, and this could be an advert or some kind of promotional piece, it should be done with some flair and professionalism if the right message is to be put over. There are many companies which can...

16th February 2010

Understanding How to Choose the Best Lenses

The quality of the image projected by the camera's lens sets the upper limit of the image quality you obtain from your camera. If you have an inferior image - one that is not perfectly focused, for example - no increase in the number of pixels you employ ...

06th January 2010

Dahle Premium Pencil Sharpener Review

The Dahle Premium Pencil Sharpener is loaded with features and is intended for heavy use in professional or scholastic art and drafting departments. We recently ran one of these sharpeners through its paces, and compiled a list of some of its strengths an...

30th December 2009

Dahle Personal Pencil Sharpener Review

The Dahle Personal Pencil Sharpener is a feature-rich sharpener that is designed to provide a good choice for professional artists, drafters, and hobbyists alike. We put this unit through its paces recently, and made a list of what we think its strengths ...

09th December 2009

Blackberry Mobile – Truly Flawless

If you wish to experience newness and wish to taste exclusive technology with latest mobile phones, Blackberry mobiles is what you should try your hands on. Blackberry mobiles seem all set and ready to tempt the mobile users with their modern and excl...

03rd September 2009

Championship Manager 2009 Game - Taking Your Management Experience One Step Higher

Eidos has a total commitment to producing the highest quality games. Championship Manager 2009, being developed by Eidos is the leading game in football management simulations with a new look and a host of new features that bring the most loved sport ...

01st August 2009

Convince an Audience - take acting training (London)

The thing about audiences is that they are extremely perceptive. You can't fool an audience; they can smell it from a 1000 paces if you're trying to fake it. However, they can be forgiving and understanding. Many audiences will accept over the top and bad...

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