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24th February 2011

Uses and a few facts about HFC-227ea

The term HFC-227ea is now synonymous with fire extinguishing and suppression. Used in many places with high value or delicate product to be protected, this product is ideal because of its non toxic nature and ability to leave perfectly intact virtually al...

27th April 2010

On Finding the Best Straightener for You

Straightener is a must for every woman of today! With a huge desire to have long and straight silky hair, more and more women are relying in flat irons to achieve this look in an instant. What with all the stress and microorganisms that affect the growth ...

01st May 2009

Polar shift in 2012: fact or fiction?

Earth has known several polar shifts in the past, and future polar shifts are inevitable. The question that boggles everybody is "when will it happen again?". Now scientists have concluded that magnetic poles are about to shift or even reverse itself yet...

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