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11th October 2011

Get Rid Of Pubic Hair With Brazilian Waxing

With the arrival of the spring season and impending summers, the first thing that you do is to search for your swimsuits or bikinis. Sydney has a special mention in this regard as the climate here tends to become warm and sunny. Imagine going out for a di...

29th November 2010

Promo Items For All Ages

Companies spare no expenditure in distributing promo gear for all ages. The simple fact is no one is ever too young or to old to become involved in something that is important and exciting. Schools have many functions that children can be involved in. For...

30th March 2010

Spiderman Birthday Party

Spiderman birthday party is one of the boys favorite Superheroes birthday party. Once you have decided that Spiderman is your party theme. You can begin to make your party plans that would make your party fun and easy. First you decide/make a list of th...

15th March 2010

Temporary Tattoos: A Diverse and Rich History

Did you know that the first temporary tattoos were found in bubble gum? Though it is difficult to determine when the first temporary tattoo was printed, it is thought that they have been designed and manufactured since the turn of the 20th century. The...

08th January 2010

Are You Looking for an Alternative to Candy this Halloween?

While Halloween has long been synonymous with costumes and candy, some parents are looking for alternative treats. With a rise in childhood obesity and overall poor eating habits, many parents are concerned about the amount of sugar getting consumed on Ha...

06th January 2010

A Permanent Solution For Tattoos

These days, more and more individuals are deciding to permanently leave their mark - on their own skin. If done by a qualified tattoo artist, the risks may be minimal. Unfortunately for many, however, unsanitary equipment or later appearing infections a...

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