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13th May 2011

Promotional Antenna Football

As you walk out of your office building, you notice a small, brown, oval shaped ball perched atop nearly every vehicle antenna in the parking lot. Approaching your car, you get a closer look and see that the ball has a local radio station's logo printed o...

29th November 2010

Some of the latest news around the clubs in the Premier League

The goalkeeper of the English elite team of Liverpool – Pepe Reina, thinks that the fans should not blame only his fellow-countryman Fernando Torres for the lack of goals in the team. In the last few circles of the Premier League, the “Red” achieved many ...

30th July 2010

FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa – The Dawn of A New World Champion

The stage is set. A new champion will be crowned on the final day of this year's FIFA World Cup. It has been an emotional and thrilling rollercoaster ride for the fans of the most popular team sport in the world. 80 years since the inception of the fi...

18th May 2010

Environmental Protection through Sanitation

Over 500,000 tones of faces are openly defecated every day to the environment around the world. That's enough to fill the 30,000 seat State de Genève, where the Euro 2008 football tournament kicks off this weekend, three times over. But the global sanita...

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