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15th April 2011

Kenwood Blenders - a mush have for your kitchen

Kenwood are one of the leading home appliances maker of the world and they have made our lives easy with plethora of products that they offer. They help us in faster cutting and mixing thus making our cooking faster. It is because of their superior qualit...

12th January 2011

Special Event Planning- Choosing Your Party Place

Selecting a venue for an occasion can be loads of fun, but it isnít always easy. When trying to look for a venue, the very first thing to consider is the type of occasion you're planning. Is it hobby related like a scrapbooking convention? Is it a bus...

02nd June 2010

Take Charge Power Saver - Save Money and Energy with New One Button Power Saver Smart Strips

Three native Davenport entrepreneurs take charge of the environment by announcing the introduction of eco-friendly Smart Power Strips with one-touch time charging technology which eliminates standby power to appliances and electronics. Leaving electron...

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