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20th December 2010

Excellence in Phone Answering Service Etiquette

Be it cold-calling, appointment setting or answering service, etiquette must be properly observed. This is so because customers, both sales prospects and sales leads, expect phone operators to practice the conventional norms. Moreover, whatever you say ov...

20th May 2010

Accomplishing Right Vocalization Tone During Telephone Call

Vocalization tone is a nonverbal factor that is involved during phone conversations or communication that can alter or slightly alter the meaning of your verbal messages. So, you need to pay more attention to it along with what you are verbally saying to ...

15th January 2010

Words Matter

Words Matter Despite the high volume of e-mail circulating all the time, there is often no substitute for talking with people. Information overload and the coping it necessitates itself makes in-person conversation more valuable. Indeed, in many organi...

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