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22nd October 2011

Few things you need to arrange for starting your own mass sms campaign

Telecommunication operator's major chunk of profit comes from services apart from regular voice call service and services other then voice calls are known as VAS (Value added services). Some of the value added services any service provider offers are call...

28th February 2011

Advantages Of Free Hindi SMS

If you live in India or if you have a loved one staying in India and you want to send SMS in Hindi, then, you need to make use of a text messaging service that sends SMSes in Hindi. Sending SMS is a very popular mode of communication. In fact, many pe...

02nd February 2011

Download ringtones to mobile phone directly to your desktop or your mobile phone

Mobile phone users are willing to pay within six times more on mobile downloads from the time they spent for this two years ago and this information has been gathered from the survey data to mobile users . In a recent study which identified that the i...

18th January 2011

Best Mobile Phone Deals

Strong competition and the presence of many brands have strengthened the most common users with many options to select from a wide range of mobile phone deals. All phone models from companies like LG, Nokia and HTC are easy to reach these agreements and o...

25th June 2010

Sms services ensure fast paced information delivery in the US

There is much interest among the mobile device users nowadays regarding the sms gateway software. Actually SMS Gateway facilitates multimedia messages to be transferred to the mobile or hand held devices. It is heartening to find that this also includes e...

17th March 2010

Voip technology for the residential too!!

The straightforward fact is Residential VoIP service facilitates the communicator to dial and receive phone calls by a computer network and through the Internet. This can escort to a sharp decline in home telephone bills. VoIP switches the voice signal to...

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