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03rd October 2011

Flexible Learning Courses Offers more Opportunities to Upskill is the innovative website from the Institutes of Technology Ireland (IoTI) allowing users to compare courses conveniently and register online. The website is a unique tool which will allow members of the public who are interested in developi...

18th December 2009

Are there Enough Immigrants in the UK?

Given the situation at the time of writing, asking whether the UK has enough immigrants would possibly be seen as a stupid question by most, but the question refers to the genuine, not illegal immigrants. In truth, genuine immigrants to the UK get very li...

08th June 2009

Priests are Not Subject to Background Checks

Contemporary churchgoers have special concerns these days. With the number of disturbing cases of priests molesting children coming to light in recent years, the question is how to maintain the level of mutual trust traditionally enjoyed by preachers and ...

08th June 2009

No Mere Background Checks for Society's Finest

Police and fire departments have a reputation of employing society's finest men and women. These civil servants are held up to the highest standards taxpayers have come to expect, especially in emergency situations. That is the reason behind the multiple ...

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