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22nd March 2011

How To Watch Live Streaming TV

How would you like to view live streaming TV online. All of your favorite stations, live sporting events, Television shows, movies, news and your favourite music videos using only the net along with your computer or laptop? This is exactly what live strea...

28th February 2011

The Benefits Of Living In New England

New England is a great place to visit and vacation, but have you ever considered living there? The area is one of the best parts of the country in which to live. You may have preconceived notions, both good and bad, about the region. If you are looking fo...

13th January 2011

Make High Quality Sports Documentaries with Stock Footage

Stock footage is a collection of video clips that are already recorded and edited, thereby eliminating the time required for capturing and editing the shots. Stock footage is commonly used for a number of productions including documentaries, movies, sport...

01st August 2009

Sports Photography Tricks For More Fun and Action

Becoming a professional sport photographer can be as fun and exciting as the action being watched and captured on camera. Sports photography is not just a hobby or pastime anymore. Many people are taking up commercial athlete photography as a serious job ...

19th July 2009

How to Make the Most of Sports Photography

Usually, professional sport photographers use highly sophisticated equipment including digital SLR cameras with very long lenses to catch the action up close. In order to get best sports photography shots, they often use different camera angles. Even if y...

01st July 2009

Composition of Professional Sport Photography

It's so easy to hold the shutter button down and catch frame after frame of professional sports action. Before you go shutter crazy, its important to recognize what is worth capturing and from where can you get the best shot. While multiple frame se...

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