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19th March 2012

Halloween Party Themes Using Pirate Party Supplies

There are numerous imaginative tactics to host a Halloween party for little ones, which includes use of pirate party supplies and items you have already in your possession. Have a great time with the decorations by using buckets to secure loot bags, old ...

19th October 2011

Have Fun with the Right Face & Body Paints

Nothing can jazz up your appearance at a party or a game like body-paint. If we look around us, it is everywhere and everyone is jumping onto the body paint bandwagon. If you want to do too, there are a few things you need to remember first. Body Paints ...

10th January 2011

Five Easy Steps for How to Paint a Clown Face

We hope these 5 easy steps on painting clown faces are very helpful to you. The white face makeup is most commonly associated with clowns; therefore we use this style of clown face for this article on painting clown faces. Start up tips: Always work wi...

07th January 2011

Different Face Painting Designs That Kids Will Enjoy At Birthday Parties

So you are seeking completely new ideas for your face painting special event? Once you have painted the exact same designs for a few years you need inspiration and ideas for brand spanking new appearances . Allow me to share some tips to inspire you to ob...

06th August 2010

Face Painting For Bigger Kids

Face painting is great to do with kids of all ages. Younger children love to get cupcakes, angels, sport logos, and other designs painted on their faces. Face painting is not just for young kids, though. Older children can get a lot out of face painting...

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