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17th September 2009

Economical & Meaningful Ways to Spend Time with Your Kids

The state of the United States economy has always been on the minds of tax payers, but with the recent economic downturn complete with talks of bailouts, stimulus checks and living within our means, the economy has pushed to the forefront of most people's...

24th July 2009

Better You Than Me

Well its official…we're being sold out. You've heard the phrase about getting a taste of your own medicine? Well the medicine we're talking about is the health care plan the government wants you to have…but doesn't want to take themselves. L...

13th March 2009

Who Will Save The Republican Party This Time?

Who Will Save The Republican Party This Time? It is no secret that an implosion is taking place across the country. It's in the headlines everyday, on the news channels every night, on blogs all across the internet and discussed in local pubs everywhe...

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