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17th December 2009

Reviewing the Akiles Roll-a-Blade 64-Inch Rotary Trimmer

Large-format rotary trimmers are great for the preparation of such large documents as blueprints, banners, posters, and the like. One of the stand-out products currently available is the Akiles Roll-A-Blade 64. This is a device that can cut through just a...

11th December 2009

Dahle Stack Cutters - An Overview

There are times when a rotary trimmer or guillotine paper cutter just won't, well, cut it. If you have a large cutting job that requires you to cut hundreds of pieces of paper, what you need is a stack cutter. Luckily, Dahle has some great stack cutters t...

11th December 2009

Five Reasons to Consider a Dahle Premium Large - Format Rolling Trimmers

If you are looking for a large-format rotary trimmer for you workplace, whether it's a copy shop, picture-framing business, or creative studio, you might want to check out Dahle's selection of premium large-format rolling trimmers. These trimmers have a l...

11th December 2009

The Top Five Reasons to Consider the Dahle Premium 564 Guillotine Cutter

A guillotine paper cutter is a great tool to have in your workplace, especially if you frequently need to cut a lot of paper at once. However, using these cutters can be difficult and even dangerous, so it helps to choose a cutter that's not only easy to ...

10th December 2009

An Introduction to Dahle Rolling Trimmers

Dahle is an office supply manufacturer that makes a lot of different products, from paper shredders to staplers. They also make paper handling products, including rotary trimmers, which are also known as rolling trimmers. This article will discuss the thr...

24th November 2009

Great Things About Rotary Trimmers

Have you ever used a rotary trimmer? If not, you should know that rotary trimmers are extremely helpful and can be used to trim just about anything, including banners, art projects, photographs, laminated documents, and scrapbooks. They're also very safe ...

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