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23rd February 2010

Perfection of a Lasting Photo Moment through a Print to Canvas

If you have never thought about it, prints to canvas begin their own life simply as digital images. You hardly require a digital camera expensive or way above in terms of technology to get a photo that you can put on canvas. Just any digital camera has th...

16th February 2010

Understanding How to Choose the Best Lenses

The quality of the image projected by the camera's lens sets the upper limit of the image quality you obtain from your camera. If you have an inferior image - one that is not perfectly focused, for example - no increase in the number of pixels you employ ...

18th December 2009

Get Your Pictures on Canvas: Turn Photos in Work of Art

The easiest way of giving durability to your digital photo is to converting that photo onto canvas print. This is the unique mixture of traditional painting and modern technology for giving the digital photos a new look. If you are a commercial photograph...

18th December 2009

Having A Computer Software For Hairstyles

Go to a professional hair stylist and chances are - for a fee - you can get them to input your image to their fancy computer, and show you just how you'd look if your hair was cut and styled in a variety of different ways. The professionals pay big money ...

27th November 2009

Ever some Top Christmas Gifts For This Season

Make this Christmas a memorable one not only for you but also all your loved ones. People who receive your presents should be filled with happiness and they should be grateful for your thoughtfulness. Buying Christmas gifts is a fun filled experience but ...

10th August 2009

Canvas pictures – what we have to know about them

In order to keep our memories we make photos. Traditional analogue cameras gave us no choice - we had to develop the film in order to see our photos. Now, during the era of digital cameras, we usually store the pictures in computers files. But some of our...

27th March 2009

Advantages Of Giclee Prints Over Other Prints With Respect To Canvas Pictures

If you are interested in making canvas prints from your photos, then you should consider using giclee prints. Loosely translated from French, the word giclee means a spray or a spurt of liquid. These prints may connote such the elevation in print making t...

27th March 2009

Advantages Of Canvas Prints And Canvas Art

Canvas prints are simply an art form where a digital photo, still photo, turn slide, negative or even your kid's drawing can be printed onto canvas. Printers that have been made to adapt to canvas, which is thicker than the conventional paper, do this. It...

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