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18th March 2010

Shooting Buildings - General Composition

Buildings present the photographer with an inexhaustible supply of imagery. The most important part of photographing any building is the general composition. The weather can be perfect, the exposure correct and the time of day just right, but a badly-fram...

18th March 2010

Taking Shots of Plants and Flowers

Plants provide good material for the photographer. It is worth considering not only exotic plants but also more commonplace varieties. Apart from colour, texture plays an important part in a striking image. All plants look their best at a certain time of ...

01st March 2010

How to Improve Your Photography With Photographe Pour Mariage: Good Photograph Composition

Many people think that the only qualification needed for taking a good photograph is being able to use the manual controls of their digital camera. However, although this is imperative, composition is just as essential if not more so. In fact Photographe ...

29th January 2010

Wide Angle Lens: Perfect for Amazing Photography

Aiming towards flawless photography depends on three things, the photographer, his camera and the lenses used in it. The photographer can change positions, the camera can be adjusted to convenience but the lenses have to be right to get the desirable shot...

07th January 2010

Applying A Rule Of 3rds In Your Photographs

Beginning photographers learn the 'rule of thirds' as one of the first composition guidelines toward creating stimulating pictures. This is a strategy in which an imaginary grid (similar to a tic-tac-toe board) is utilized to frame subjects. The grid se...

27th October 2009

Adding Life To Your Images With Green Screen Technology

There are times in your life when you dream that you are in the company of your favourite actor or imagine yourself to be on a ski vacation in Switzerland. Also you might have wondered how your favourite heroes are able to perform difficult stunts in the ...

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