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02nd November 2009

A Love Potion for Media Attraction

I've worked at building relationships with the media for more than 20 years and over that time I've come to realize there are no shortcuts. What works with journalists are the same basic rules we all learned in kindergarten. To open the media floodg...

16th September 2009

Tale of 2 Journalists; Roxana Saberi and Sam Dodson

I have recently written separate commentaries on two jailed journalists. One, Roxana Saberi, has received a great deal of attention from the mainstream media and her case has been widely reported on and disseminated across the globe. The other case is tha...

25th March 2009

Milking The People, Part One: Recession’s Latest Twist.

The latest twist in the Great Recession Hoax. Government and banks collude….but what exactly are they up to? True to one of its primary functions of keeping people in the dark, the press announces the Central bank "wants to print money" to heroically...

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