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29th December 2009

Birthday Cards

Birthday is special day for all of us. On this day, we want to get blessings and good wishes from our near and dear ones, for our happy life. Our friends and relatives also want to shower blessings and good wishes. There are several means to convey th...

26th November 2009

Why not have a Retro Christmas Party this year

Why not have a Retro Christmas Party this year Retailers find their ways to market products, they would come up with something new for attracting the customers. But this time round the year, the new is actually quite old. The retro style is gaining popul...

02nd October 2009


Milestones "When is the best time to have my child photographed?" As a photographer, I get this question often. I'll go over a few important milestones so that you will never miss a minute of your child's all too fast childhood. Newborn Ahhh! The n...

11th May 2009

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS5 Digital Camera

This digital camera from Panasonic holds similar features like -LUMIX DMC-FS3. The two differ from each other in terms of optical zoom and resolution. This camera with 4X optical zoom is very ideal for shooting large groups and pictures in landscapes. It ...

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